Production Mengement Flow Chart

INJECTION MOULD – Integrated-form injected by fully computerized injector.

INCOMING QUALITY CONTROL – To assure material quality, products and components are particularly tested by precision facilities.

AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY – Normalizing production by automatic assembly machine.

COMPUTER JET PRINTING  – To be responsible to our production, all ceramic cartridges are jet printed with brand name, model and manufactured date.

PROCESS INSPECTION – With the process inspection to modify the problems in time.

FQC % 100 AIR TEST- Performing the air test for every ceramic cartridge.

FUNCTION TEST – Introduce the imported life testing machine , rupture tester, high temp pressure machine and intermittent shock tester. All the testing standard is in compliance with ASME A112.18.1-2011 / CSA B125.1-11 , EN817, AS NZS 3718:2005.

PACKAGE – Packaging standard according to QC engineering program and suit for long distance transportation.

IN STOCK – Store the finished products according to the different model and lot number.

Q.Q.C – Product quality inspection again before shipment

SHIPMENT – All delivery process is performed with strict management.